Clube 15 de Novembro

Country: Brazil        City: Campo Bom          Founded: November 15, 1911

Colors: Green, Yellow, and White

Stadium: Sady Arnildo Schmidt     Web: 15 de Novembro

In this case, the 15th of November is significant for two reasons. Probably the most important thing to have happened in Brazil on November 15th is that it was declared a republic on this day in 1889. Marshal Deodoro da Fonseca led a coup that toppled Emperor Pedro II. This saw Marshal de Fonseca become the first president of Brazil, thus ending seventy-four years of imperial rule by the House of Braganza.

November 15th is also the day the club was founded. What a coincidence! This has nothing to do with Clube 15 de Novembro, but on the same day the club was formed, Yuan Shih-kai became Prime Minister of China.

clube-15-de-novembro-de-campo-bom-rs-logo-primary                                      deodoro-da-fonseca-227x300




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