Club Sportivo 2 de Mayo


Country: Paraguay                              City: Pedro Juan Caballero
Founded: December 6, 1935              Colors: Blue and White
Stadium: Monumental Rio Parapiti       Web:

This club, nicknamed “El Gallo Norteno”, currently plays in the Paraguayan second division. According to our sources, they were formed in 1935 when Paraguayan soldiers from Infantry Regiment No.1, 2 de Mayo (the date is part of the regiment’s name) returned after fighting in the Chaco War between Paraguay and Bolivia.  The club was created as a homage to those brave soldiers and the infantry regiment they served in.

Now – a bit about the Chaco War. This war lasted from 1932 – 1935 and was fought over control of The Chaco Boreal, or the Grand Chaco and the oil that was thought to be there. The territory nominally belonged to Bolivia but was inhabited by Gaurani speaking people with loyalties towards Paraguay. In reality, the Chaco was an extremely arid, inhospitable land, and the war was called “The War of the Thirst.” These were two of the poorest countries at the time fighting one of the bloodiest wars to happen on the continent with very high casualties on both sides. Although Bolivia had more resources, Paraguay is generally seen to be the victor, claiming two-thirds of the disputed territory in the end.

Club Sportivo 2 de Mayo Anthem:
“Blanco y azul, blanco y azul
Son los colores que defiende nuestro club
Igual no hay, igual no hay
En La Republica heroica del Paraguay”

Here’s a decent video of 2 de Mayo against Olimpia:


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