ASC Jeanne d’Arc


Country: Senegal        City: Dakar         Founded: 1923
Colors: Blue and White            Stadium: Stade Demba Diop
Web: ?????

There’s not much out there on the web about this club, but they do seem to be a pretty big club in Senegal, having won 10 Senegal Premier League titles. They’ve produced some players like Abdoulaye Faye, who played for various EPL clubs, Baba Diawara (Getafe), and Birahim Diop, who played in the MLS.  They also seem to have teams in other sports competitions like basketball.

We suppose they are named after Joan of Arc (1412-1431), the French Roman Catholic Saint and Patron Saint of France famous for helping Charles VII in the 100 Years War. As a young girl, she heard divine voices which told her to help reclaim French territory for the king. At the age of 17, she led an army to victory in a number of battles.  At 19, she was captured by the English and burned at the stake. Her offenses included heresy, adultery, and sorcery.



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