Club Atletico General Lamadrid

madrid CALM

Country: Argentina       City: Villa Devoto, Buenos Aires
Founded: May 11, 1950          Colors: Blue and White
Stadium: Estadio Enrique Sexto        Web:

General Lamadrid currently plays in the Argentine Primera C, which is a regional 4th division competition. They have two titles: Primera C in 2010-11 and Primera D in 1977.  They are famous for having 18 players sent off in one match because of a brawl with opposing fans in 2009. The club also offers other sports, such as handball, taekwondo, volleyball and boxing.

They are named after Gregorio Araoz de Lamadrid, born in San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina in 1795. He joined the military in 1811 and fought under General Belgrano and General Martin in the Argentine War of Independence against royalists who were loyal to the Spanish monarchy. Later, as a general, he commanded troops in the Argentine Civil War on the side of the Unitarians, who wanted a centralized government based in Buenos Aires.

He’s remembered as a skilled and courageous fighter. One story goes that he once stumbled upon a platoon of 15 mounted Federal soldiers during the Civil War, taking them on single-handedly. After suffering a broken nose, broken ribs, a knife wound to the stomach, and a flesh wound from a gunshot to the head, he was left for dead, only to survive and escape to safety. It was this incident that earned him the nickname, La Madrid inmortal, or the immortal Lamadrid.

He died in 1857 and is buried at the San Miguel de Tucuman Cathedral.

Here’s a nice video posted by a fan:


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