Steve Biko FC

Steve_Biko_FC_(logo)                             sb

Country: Gambia     City: Serrekunda

Founded: 1978         Colors: Yellow and white

Stadium: Serrekunda East Mini Stadium      Web: Steve Biko FC

Steve Biko Football club, also known as the “Bakau Giants Killers”  is from the Bakau area of Serrekunda, Gambia. They won the Gambian FA Cup in 2000 and have spent time in various divisions. They are currently in the second division of Gambian football.

They are named after Stephen Bantu Biko, the South African student leader, anti-apartheid activist, and one of the founders of the Black Consciousness Movement. Biko was born in 1946 and started his political work at an early age. His family sent him to a boarding school, which he was expelled from due to his political beliefs. He later studied medicine at Natal University, and he was expelled from that institute for the same reasons. After that,  became president of the Black People’s Convention, but his struggles continued, as he was “banned” by the South African government. This meant that he was not able to speak in public, write, or speak to the press. He was arrested in 1977 during a police road block and subsequently taken to a location where he was tortured during an interrogation which lasted 22 hours. Biko never recovered from this ordeal and he died shortly after being transported to Pretoria Prison.

Already a hero, over 10,000 people attended his funeral. He’s known today as an important leader in South African’s struggle against apartheid who was able to guide student discontent into a political force. Additionally, it was Biko who coined the phrase, “Black is beautiful.”

Here is a great 30 minute clip of a Steve biko game from 2012 (warm up and all!).


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