Club Atletico 3 de Febrero

3 de feb    Paraguay-page-body-ciudad-del-este   sat b

Country: Paraguay    City: Ciudad del Este

Founded: November 20, 1970         Colors: Red

Stadium: Estadio Antonio Oddone Sarubbi    Web: 3 de Febrero

This team, known as Los Rojos, has spent time in various divisions in Paraguay, including 8 seasons in the First Division. They are named in honor of the day that their city, Ciudad del Este, was founded in 1957. The name also honors San Blas, or Saint Blaise, the patron saint of Ciudad del Este.

Ciudad del Este is the 2nd largest city in Paraguay. Located on the tri-border area with Brazil and Argentina, it’s a tax-free commercial center which is know as the contraband capital of South America.

San Blas was a physician from modern day Armenia who is the Patron Saint of wool combers and throat illnesses. In 316, He was beaten and beheaded on orders from Emperor Licinius.


2 thoughts on “Club Atletico 3 de Febrero

  1. I’ve lost count of the amount of South American stadium names which have confused the heck out me, this websites gets two thumbs up from me! Can’t wait to see how it develops 🙂

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