Club 12 de Octubre


12 de octubre         cabanas

Country: Paraguay    City: Itauguá

Founded: August 14, 1914       Colors: Blue, White

Stadium: Estadio Juan Canuto Pettengill   Web: Club 12 de Octubre


Club 12 de Octubre currently plays in the Paraguayan Division Intermedia. Although the team has been around for a little over one hundred years, most of their time was spent outside of the Primera Division. In 1997, Club 12 de Octubre was promoted to the Primera Division and they won the Clausura title in 2002. They lost the final to the Apertura champion, Libertad. Club 12 de Octubre have been in two Copa Libertadores, but they ever made it out of the first round.

The most famous player for Club 12 de Octubre is Salvador Cabañas. He started his career at Club 12 de Octubre in 1998. He moved on to various teams and reached the height of his career at Club América. In January 2010, Cabañas was shot in the head in Mexico City by a member of the Beltran-Leyva Cartel. After two years of recovery, Cabañas signed with Club 12 de Octubre. He played his first game since the shooting on April 14, 2012 against Martin Ledesma.

October 12 is significant because it’s the day Paraguay declared it’s independence from Argentina, Spain, and Portugal. On October 12, 1811, the Friendship, Assistance and Trade agreement was signed with the envoy from Buenos Aires, General Belgrano. There are other sites that give a different date for Paraguayan independence, but this site endorses the October 12, 1811 date.

October 12, 1492 is the date that Christopher Columbus reached the new world, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the reason for naming this team.





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