Match Alert! Date vs Date

12 de Octubre vs 3 de Febrero

12 de               3 de feb

Where: Itagua, Paraguay

League: Division Intermedia

When: July 12, 2015

Stadium: Estadio Juan Canuto Pettengill

Why 12 de Octubre?: The club is named after the date in 1811 when the Friendship, Assistance and Trade agreement was signed declaring Paraguay independent from Argentina, Spain, and Portugal.

Why 3 de Febrero?: This club is named in honor of the day that their city, Ciudad del Este, was founded in 1957. The name also honors San Blas, or Saint Blas, the patron saint of Ciudad del Este.

FTNADP Prediction: This looks like an important match with 12 de Octubre fighting possible relegation and 3 de Febrero looking at ascension. We’re going to go ahead and say 3 de Febrero pulls off the win 2-0.

Here’s some highlights of a match between these two teams from 2013:


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