1 De Agosto


Country: Angola        City: Luanda          Founded: August 1, 1977

Colors: Red and Black            Stadium: Estado 11 de Novembro

Web: primeiroagosto.com

Club Desportivo 1 de Agosto play in the 1st division of the Angolan Girabola league. They are sponsored by the Angolan Armed Forces and are known as the “Militares.” They have quite a few titles to their name including 9 championships. The club also sponsors many other sports such as basketball, handball and even chess and sailing.

We suppose that the club is named after the day in 1974 when the FAPLA (Armed Forces for the Liberation of Angola) was formed following the coup d’etat which overthrew the Portuguese colonial government. In other words, August 1st is Angolan Armed Forces Day.

Here’s a video from a game in 2014:

Here’s another video about the club’s 35 anniversary. Even if you don’t speak Portuguese, it will give you a great idea about the scope of the club:


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