PFC Botev Plovdiv

botevlogo        hristobotev

Country: Bulgaria                            City: Plovdiv

Founded: December 12, 1912       Colors: Yellow and Black

Stadium: Stadion Komatevo        Web: Botev Plovdiv

PFC Botev Plovdiv play in the Bulgarian A Football Group, the country’s top flight. For being Bulgaria’s longest uninterrupted football team, they don’t have much to show for it. Botev Plovdiv has two A Group titles, one in 1929 and the second in the 1966-67 season. They won the Bulgarian Cup in 1962 and 1981. In Europe, Botev Plovdiv did manage to make it to the quarterfinal of the 1962-63 Cup Winners’ Cup, but they lost 5-1 on aggregate to Atletico Madrid. The fans of the team are called Bultras.

The team is named after Bulgarian poet, journalist, revolutionary, and all-around good guy, Hristo Botev. Botev, born in 1848, was the son of Botyo Petkov. Boyto was influential in the movement against the Ottoman occupation of Bulgaria and was also a major influence on young Hristo.

After being educated in Odessa, Botev returned to Bulgaria in 1867 to follow in his father’s footsteps and became a teacher. Later that year he was exiled to Romania after speaking out against the Ottoman authorities. During his exile, Botev worked as a school teacher, published his poems in various newspapers, became and editor, and was involved in the Bulgarian revolutionary movement. After the death in 1873 of Vasil Levski, leader of the Bulgarian Revolutionary Central Committee (BRCC), Botev called for an uprising. 1875 saw him elected president of the BRCC. In 1876 he was shot in the chest and killed by an Ottoman sharpshooter. Two years later, the Russo-Turkish War came to an end and the Treaty of San Stefano gave birth to The Principality of Bulgaria. Full independence came in 1908.




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