Trabzon 1461

Country: Turkey                         City: Trabzon

Founded: 1998                           Colors: Maroon, blue and white

Stadium: Akçaabat Fatih Stadium or Hüseyin Avni Aker Stadium


Trabzon 1461 is the feeder club for Trabzonspor (currently ranked 59th in Europe by UEFA.) They play in Turkey’s second division (TFF First League) but can’t be promoted to the Super Lig because in Turkey affiliates are not allowed to play in the same league as their owner clubs. They also play in the Turkish Cup, where they beat both Galatasaray and Fenerbahce  away in 2013.

The team is named after the year that the Empire of Trebizond fell to the Ottoman Empire. Trebizond was a Greek successor state, and was known as the last Greek Empire.

Here’s a nice goal against Besiktas:

here’s the “Ultras” doing stuff they probably shouldn’t be:


Copa America 2016


Rosters are out and the following Copa America 2016 players play on teams named after dates or people:

Edward Zenteno – Wiltsermann
Cristhian Machado – Wiltermann
Fernando Salcedo – Wilstermann

Paulo Garces – Colo-colo
Jean Beausejour – Colo-colo
Esteban Pavez – Colo-colo

Jaime Ayovi – Godoy Cruz

Ricardo Ade – Dom Bosco
Junior Delva – Dom Bosco
Kervans Belfort – 1461 Trabzon

Eric Davis – DAC 1904
Ricardo Butrago – Juan Aurich
Alfredo Stephens – DAC 1904
Luis Tejada – Juan Aurich

Justo Villar – Colo-Colo

Pedro Gallese – Juan Aurich
Paolo de la Haza – Juan Aurich
Christian Ramos – Juan Aurich
Christofer Gonzalez – Colo-Colo
Alejandro Hohberg – Universitario Cesar Vallejo
Ivan Bulos – O’Higgins

Martin Silva – Vasco da Gama


1 De Agosto


Country: Angola        City: Luanda          Founded: August 1, 1977

Colors: Red and Black            Stadium: Estado 11 de Novembro


Club Desportivo 1 de Agosto play in the 1st division of the Angolan Girabola league. They are sponsored by the Angolan Armed Forces and are known as the “Militares.” They have quite a few titles to their name including 9 championships. The club also sponsors many other sports such as basketball, handball and even chess and sailing.

We suppose that the club is named after the day in 1974 when the FAPLA (Armed Forces for the Liberation of Angola) was formed following the coup d’etat which overthrew the Portuguese colonial government. In other words, August 1st is Angolan Armed Forces Day.

Here’s a video from a game in 2014:

Here’s another video about the club’s 35 anniversary. Even if you don’t speak Portuguese, it will give you a great idea about the scope of the club:

Match Alert! Date vs Date

12 de Octubre vs 3 de Febrero

12 de               3 de feb

Where: Itagua, Paraguay

League: Division Intermedia

When: July 12, 2015

Stadium: Estadio Juan Canuto Pettengill

Why 12 de Octubre?: The club is named after the date in 1811 when the Friendship, Assistance and Trade agreement was signed declaring Paraguay independent from Argentina, Spain, and Portugal.

Why 3 de Febrero?: This club is named in honor of the day that their city, Ciudad del Este, was founded in 1957. The name also honors San Blas, or Saint Blas, the patron saint of Ciudad del Este.

FTNADP Prediction: This looks like an important match with 12 de Octubre fighting possible relegation and 3 de Febrero looking at ascension. We’re going to go ahead and say 3 de Febrero pulls off the win 2-0.

Here’s some highlights of a match between these two teams from 2013:

Club 12 de Octubre


12 de octubre         cabanas

Country: Paraguay    City: Itauguá

Founded: August 14, 1914       Colors: Blue, White

Stadium: Estadio Juan Canuto Pettengill   Web: Club 12 de Octubre


Club 12 de Octubre currently plays in the Paraguayan Division Intermedia. Although the team has been around for a little over one hundred years, most of their time was spent outside of the Primera Division. In 1997, Club 12 de Octubre was promoted to the Primera Division and they won the Clausura title in 2002. They lost the final to the Apertura champion, Libertad. Club 12 de Octubre have been in two Copa Libertadores, but they ever made it out of the first round.

The most famous player for Club 12 de Octubre is Salvador Cabañas. He started his career at Club 12 de Octubre in 1998. He moved on to various teams and reached the height of his career at Club América. In January 2010, Cabañas was shot in the head in Mexico City by a member of the Beltran-Leyva Cartel. After two years of recovery, Cabañas signed with Club 12 de Octubre. He played his first game since the shooting on April 14, 2012 against Martin Ledesma.

October 12 is significant because it’s the day Paraguay declared it’s independence from Argentina, Spain, and Portugal. On October 12, 1811, the Friendship, Assistance and Trade agreement was signed with the envoy from Buenos Aires, General Belgrano. There are other sites that give a different date for Paraguayan independence, but this site endorses the October 12, 1811 date.

October 12, 1492 is the date that Christopher Columbus reached the new world, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the reason for naming this team.




Club Atletico 3 de Febrero

3 de feb    Paraguay-page-body-ciudad-del-este   sat b

Country: Paraguay    City: Ciudad del Este

Founded: November 20, 1970         Colors: Red

Stadium: Estadio Antonio Oddone Sarubbi    Web: 3 de Febrero

This team, known as Los Rojos, has spent time in various divisions in Paraguay, including 8 seasons in the First Division. They are named in honor of the day that their city, Ciudad del Este, was founded in 1957. The name also honors San Blas, or Saint Blaise, the patron saint of Ciudad del Este.

Ciudad del Este is the 2nd largest city in Paraguay. Located on the tri-border area with Brazil and Argentina, it’s a tax-free commercial center which is know as the contraband capital of South America.

San Blas was a physician from modern day Armenia who is the Patron Saint of wool combers and throat illnesses. In 316, He was beaten and beheaded on orders from Emperor Licinius.

April 25 Sports Club (4.25체육단)

200px-425SG      425 jersey

Country: North Korea        City: Pyongyang          Founded: 1949

Colors: Red and White            Stadium: Yanggakdo Stadium

Web: Unsurprisingly, no web presence

April 25 Sports Club is one of the most successful clubs in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), North Korea to you and me. It has fourteen league titles split between the old Technical Innovation Contests and the new Highest Class Football League. April 25 has also won three Republic Championships, which is the North Korean version of the League/FA Cup. The team was formed in order to raise the standard of soccer in North Korea to world standards. Kim Jong-il might not have had the best knowledge of how the World Cup works because he, in a speech to the team in 1972, stated that the April 25 Sports Club should win the World Cup in the future. Who knows, this may in fact be true in North Korean sports lore.

The team is named to coincide with the Military Foundation Day holiday. This, however, isn’t the original date the Korean People’s Army (KPA) was founded. That day would be February 8, 1948. The father of North Korea, Kim Il-sung, changed the date because he wanted to recognize the date the anti-Japanese rebel army was formed in 1932. The April 25th date allows the miltary’s founding to have a more Korean origin instead of the Soviet assisted KPA.

Being named after Military Formation Day, April 25 Sports Club belongs to the KPA. This “…..enables the players to copy the loyalty to the leader, and the indomitable fighting spirit and the strong sense of discipline displayed by the soldiers of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army…………. equipping the rank with the revolutionary idea of the great leader and achieving its unity of ideology and will on the basis of this is an important guarantee for winning victory in the games.” – Kim Jong-il

No word on who Kim Jong-un‘s favorite team is, but signs point to him being a Manchester United fan.


Military Foundation Day Parade
Military Foundation Day Parade