Footballers Named After Food: Brazil Edition

Continuing with footballers named after food, we go to Brazil with our top 5 Brazilian footballers named after food:

  1. Caju – Caju, or “Cashew” in English, had a long career playing for many Brazilian teams in the 70’s and 80’s. He also had a spell with Olympique de Marseille. He had many caps for the Brazilian national team and played in the 70 and 74 World Cups along with Pele and Rivelino. He got his nickname when he returned to Brazil from the United States with died red hair.


2.  Cacau – You might know Cacau, or “Cocoa” in English, from the German National team, especially the 2010 World Cup. Born in Brazil, he went to Germany at a young age and has played for such clubs as VfB Stuttgart  – which is actually named after a date, 1893, but more on them later.


3.  Jefferson Feijao – Feijao means “beans” in English, and Jefferson Beans had a long career playing for a number of clubs in Brazil like International, Goias, and Botafogo. He also played in South Korea for Daegu FC and in China for Liaoning.


4. Junior Pipoca – Junior “Popcorn” has played for over 20 different clubs! He’s had stays at Union Espanola in Chile, Cordoba in Spain, Ajaccio in France, Derby and Watford in England, Malmo in Sweden, Copenhagen in Denmark, and a bunch of Brazilian teams. He’s currently with Jauzeirense.


5. Rodrigo Arroz – Rodrigo “Rice” has been with a number of lower-division Brazilian clubs and had a short spell in India with the Kerala Blasters. He could possibly be related to Barry Rice, but that’s not confirmed.


Footballers Named after Food

This post may be a bit off our normal topic, but interesting nonetheless. Here’s 10 footballers named after various kinds of food:

  1. Kevin Lasagna – Currently plays for Carpi in the Italian Serie A.
  2. Samuele Pizza – Plays for Avellino in the Italian Serie B.
  3. Salvatore Margarita – I’m starting to notice a pattern here. Also
    plays in Italy for Monticello.
  4. Diego Polenta – Plays for Uruguay’s Club Nacional.
  5. Massimo Maccarone – Back to Italy with the first Serie B player to play for the Italian national side. And his nickname is “Big Mac”-another food! Currently with Empoli.
  6. Scott Garlick – The spelling may be a bit off, but this journeyman MLS goalkeeper belongs on the list. He’s now retired, but he played with many an MLS club.
  7. Mark Fish – The South African defender who made his way through Lazio,
    Bolton, and Charlton.
  8. Barry Rice – Played for DC United for one season.
  9. Kraig Chiles – Played for Chivas USA for a short while.
  10. Francesco Finocchio – Back to Italy for this one-time Parma player who is
    currently with Pordenone. Finoccio means “fennel” in Italian.