Willem II

WillemII2 Willem2

Country: Netherlands   City: Tilburg

Founded: August 12, 1896       Colors: Blue, White, Red

Stadium: Koning Willem II Stadion  Web: Willem II

Willem II Tilburg, also known as just Willem II is a Dutch football team that plays in the Eredivisie. Willem II was the first professional champion in 1954-55 in the the old National Football League Championship (NFLC). Previously, the league was an amateur competition. In total, Willem II won three NFLC titles and the KNVB Cup twice. The team spent the entire 1970s in the Eerste Divisie, Holland’s second division. The team’s glory years were prior to the early 1960s. Famous players who have donned the colors of Willem II are Jaap Stam, Marc Overmars, and Sami Hyypia.

Williem Frederik George Lodewijk, better known as Willem II was the King of the Netherlands, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, and The Duke of Limburg (where the stinky cheese originated) from 1840-1849. Born in 1792, He was the eldest son of King Willem I of the Netherlands and Wilhelmine of Prussia. In 1816, Willem II married the younger sister of Czar Alexander I of Russia, Duchess Anna Pavlovna. This marriage was arranged to strengthen the ties between Russia and the Netherlands. Although Duchess Anna was quite a looker (for her time), it seems Willem II liked to swing both ways and there were reports of him helping himself to the male help in the house.

As the Crown Prince and military leader, Willem II was on the losing end of the Ten Days Campaign during the Belgian revolution in 1831. With revolution spreading around Europe in 1848, now King Willem II worried about the fate of the Netherlands so he initiated liberal reforms. Royal power was reduced and, eventually, an elected government would rule the country. King Willem II died in Tilburg in 1849.