Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba


Country: Argentina                      City: Godoy Cruz

Founded: 21 June 1921                          Colors: Blue and white

Stadium: Estadio Feliciano Gambarte

Web: clubgodoycruz.com

Club Desportivo Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba is one of our favorite teams because they are actually named after two different people! They were founded in a bar in 1921 by a group of friends. They’ve spent most of their time in regional leagues where they won quite a few titles. They reached the Argentine second division in 1994 and the first division in 2006. They made their Copa Libertadores debut in 2011. Their nickname is the “Bodoguero”, or “the wine producers” due to the large amount of wine that is produced in the region.

Lets start with Tomas Goday Cruz (1791 – 1852) – an Argentine politician and businessman from the Mendoza region. He was elected to the state congress at just 24 years of age and later served as governor of Mendoza province. His business interests included a gunpowder factory and silkworm cultivation.

Now on to Antonio Tomba. It’s a little more difficult to find information about him, but from what we can piece together, he was an Italian immigrant to Argentina. He was born in Valdangno and may have fought along with Garibaldi as a young man. He immigrated in 1824 to Mendoza, where he started a successful vineyard. At the age of 50, he planned to return to Italy, but he died on the high seas before he got there. The vineyard doesn’t seem to exist anymore, but you can read about it here.

The fans doing their thing:

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Club 12 de Octubre


12 de octubre         cabanas

Country: Paraguay    City: Itauguá

Founded: August 14, 1914       Colors: Blue, White

Stadium: Estadio Juan Canuto Pettengill   Web: Club 12 de Octubre


Club 12 de Octubre currently plays in the Paraguayan Division Intermedia. Although the team has been around for a little over one hundred years, most of their time was spent outside of the Primera Division. In 1997, Club 12 de Octubre was promoted to the Primera Division and they won the Clausura title in 2002. They lost the final to the Apertura champion, Libertad. Club 12 de Octubre have been in two Copa Libertadores, but they ever made it out of the first round.

The most famous player for Club 12 de Octubre is Salvador Cabañas. He started his career at Club 12 de Octubre in 1998. He moved on to various teams and reached the height of his career at Club América. In January 2010, Cabañas was shot in the head in Mexico City by a member of the Beltran-Leyva Cartel. After two years of recovery, Cabañas signed with Club 12 de Octubre. He played his first game since the shooting on April 14, 2012 against Martin Ledesma.

October 12 is significant because it’s the day Paraguay declared it’s independence from Argentina, Spain, and Portugal. On October 12, 1811, the Friendship, Assistance and Trade agreement was signed with the envoy from Buenos Aires, General Belgrano. There are other sites that give a different date for Paraguayan independence, but this site endorses the October 12, 1811 date.

October 12, 1492 is the date that Christopher Columbus reached the new world, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the reason for naming this team.




Match Alert – Name vs Name

J.J. Urquiza vs Club Atletico General Lamadrid

logo vs CALM

Where: Buenos Aires, Argentina

League: Primera C

When: June 2, 2015 @ 3 pm

Stadium: Estadio Ramón Roque Martín

Team websites: J.J. UrquizaClub Atletico General Lamadrid

Listen live: Artaxradio.com

Who is J.J. Urquiza?: Justo José de Urquiza y García was the third president of Argentina from 1854-1860. Under his governance, Argentine foreign relations improved, a plan for railroads was introduced, and public education was promoted.


Who is General Lamadrid?: Gregorio Aráoz de Lamadrid was a successful military officer who fought in the Argentine War of Independence against the Spanish monarchy. Later, he was one of the most important generals in the Argentine Civil Wars.


Connection: In 1851, General Lamadrid was contacted by Urquiza to command one of the main wings of his “great army” that would end the Rosas period in the Battle of Caseros on February 3, 1852.

FTNADP prediction: J.J. Urquiza wins 2-1.

Club Atletico Newell’s Old Boys

Isaac_newell lrg_Newells_Old_Boys

Country: Argentina        City: Rosario         Founded: November 3, 1903

Colors: Black and Red          Stadium: Estadio Marcelo Bielsa

Web: newellsoldboys.com.ar

This wonderfully named team has a well documented history. One of the top teams in Rosario, they have 6 AFA Primera Division titles. They are also well known for their youth division teams, producing many famous players such as Gabriel Batistuta, and Lionel Messi (for a short time anyway).

They were founded by Claudio Newell and actually named after Claudio’s father, Isaac Newell (1853 -1907). Isaac Newell was born in Strood, County Kent, England, and at the age of 16 he took a ship to Argentina. He worked as a telegraph operator for the Central Argentine Railway. He later founded a school called the Colegio Comercial Anglicano Argentino, where he was a teacher.

Here’s an awesome video direct from the club outlining the history: “Isaac Newell, El Gran Maestro”

Club Deportivo Luis Ángel Firpo

firpo2                                    CD_Luis_Angel_Firpo

Country: El Salvador       City: Usulután          Founded: September 17, 1923

Colors: Red and White            Stadium: Estadio Sergio Torres

Web: www.la-firpo.com

Club Deportivo Luis Ángel Firpo is a ten time winner of the El Salvador Primera Division. In 1995, it was runner-up to Tecos in the CONCACAF Cup Winners Cup. The team was renamed after a famous Argentine boxer shortly after its inception.

Nicknamed “The Wild Bull of the Pampas”, Luis Ángel Firpo was quite successful as a boxer. He had a career record of 32-4-2 with twenty-six knockouts. Firpo is probably best known for his fight on September 14, 1923 against Jack Dempsey at the Polo Grounds in New York. This fight saw Luis Ángel Firpo become the first South American to fight for the heavyweight title. Esteemed boxing historian, Burt Sugar called the bout one of the best of all time. Firpo went toe to toe with Jack Dempsey, even knocking him out of the ring in the first round. It’s said that when Dempsey went through the ropes, he hit his head on a typewriter at ringside. Dempsey was helped back into the ring and went on to knockout Firpo in the second round. Three days after the fight, the founders of the club changed its name from Tecún Umán to Club Deportivo Luis Ángel Firpo.

After retirement, Firpo became a rancher and managed boxers. He and Jack Dempsey even went on to become friends and co-managed Abel Cestac. In 2003, Ring Magazine named Luis Ángel Firpo in their top 100 greatest punchers of all time.