Trabzon 1461

Country: Turkey                         City: Trabzon

Founded: 1998                           Colors: Maroon, blue and white

Stadium: Akçaabat Fatih Stadium or Hüseyin Avni Aker Stadium


Trabzon 1461 is the feeder club for Trabzonspor (currently ranked 59th in Europe by UEFA.) They play in Turkey’s second division (TFF First League) but can’t be promoted to the Super Lig because in Turkey affiliates are not allowed to play in the same league as their owner clubs. They also play in the Turkish Cup, where they beat both Galatasaray and Fenerbahce  away in 2013.

The team is named after the year that the Empire of Trebizond fell to the Ottoman Empire. Trebizond was a Greek successor state, and was known as the last Greek Empire.

Here’s a nice goal against Besiktas:

here’s the “Ultras” doing stuff they probably shouldn’t be: